IMG_8471[1]Nail Technician In Reigate (Surrey)

*Now CND Shellac is available !

Hello! I am a Gel Nail technician, using the high quality gel brand CALGEL and CND Shellac.
They are both 100% UV Soak Off Gel (not gel powder**).

I have just came back from maternity leave and due to my baby is still young I currently offer the services at my flat where is just by the Reigate train station.

**Please note : if your nail enhancement is very hard they are most likely Powder Gel or acrylic nails. Powder gel is basically acrylic powder mixed with cheap gel, and the texture is paste. 100% gel is runny “GEL” texture and either clear or coloured.


With CALGEL and CND Shellac :

  • It lasts up to 4 weeks without chipping
  • It is also a nail strengthener and you can grow your natural nails without breaking !
  • No dry time (you can touch it straight after the treatment)
  • More flexible than Acrylic nail enhancements
  • Kind to natural nails
  • Applied onto natural nails, looking like nail polish but shinier and stronger
  • Soaked off (removed) easily ***

*** Gel nails must be removed properly with correct process.  If you simply pick or peel, your natural nails would be severely damaged (eg. very thin and fragile) and new application wouldn’t last as long as it should be.

“Use Hand cream often and apply cuticle oil every few days to help keep your nails supple and prevent them from becoming brittle and breaking.”

ネイリスト in Reigate (Surrey)

—————- News —————
*シェラック(CND Shellac)のサービスも始めました !





  • 欠けたりせず、4週間程キレイなネイル保持が可能(個人差あり)
  • 補強効果、自爪をジェルネイルと一緒に伸ばすことが可能。続けると自爪の形がキレイになっていきます!
  • マニキュアの様に乾かす時間が不要(施術後すぐに触れます)
  • 自爪に優しい、自爪を削ったりしないのでダメージが少ない
  • カラーは全てオーダーメイドカラー、調合によりオリジナルのカラー作成が可能
  • 薄くて柔らかく自然な付け心地
  • 削ったりせず、専用リムーバーで落とすことが可能*

シェラック(CND Shellac)とは;

  • Power Polish というネイルポリッシュ(マニキュア)とジェルの中間のもの
  • UVランプで硬化する為、施術後はすぐに触ることが可能
  • 持ちはジェル同様お爪との相性にもよる為、2週間~4週間
  • サンディングが全く不要、施術時間も短時間(オフ無しで40分程)
  • 基本的にはアート用のものではない為、シンプルなワンカラーがお好きな方向き
  • オフも短時間(約10分)*